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498a, False Dowry cases

498a , Divorce, Dowry case,

498a is a stringernt IPC section which is applied when a wife is subjected to any type of Cruelty, physical or Mental by his husband or any other relatives of Husband which could be Mother, Father, brother, sister or any other relatives of husband. Generally IPC498A is inclined towards Housewives.

Although as per several rulings of Supreme court of india immediate arrest have been stopped unless a proper has been completed by the police. Along with 498a ,  False Dowry case , IPC323 sections are also imposed.

Some of the guidelines with regards to IPC 498A are :

  1. without Investigations No arrest has to be made by police.
  2. Bail provision for mother & father & other relatives if Same day order is obtained from High court.
  3. Stay on further case proceedings from High court.
  4. Last but not least Men should keep proper evidence against those wives from which they are doubtful to be trapped.

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Divorce Process

    We are discussing here Mutual divorce which is covered in Section 13b of Hindu marriage act. Is the easiest of Remedy to a husband & wife who does not want to live further together. It is called Mutual Divorce which means Husband & wife have Mutually agreed to live separately from each other upon certain terms & conditions which are presented in the court.

In Mutual Divorce process both the Husband & the Wife themselve or with the help of a lawyer draft certain points which could be :

  1. who will keep the custody of child.
  2. How they are going to divide their joint property.
  3. Permission for other person if he wants to visit the child.
  4. who is going to pay for child education.
  5. or any other points which they may think are necessary to disclose in the court.

after that the petition is Presented in Family court where the Principal family judge examines the Petition & Minimum 6 months divisible in First motion & Second Motion gives his order for the divorce.

I hope the above discussion will help in some aspects of Mutual Divorce process under Section 13 (B) Of Hindu Marriage Act.

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